How to Grow Tomatillos from Seed

Tomatillos are related to tomatoes but have some unique features which make them a different vegetable. They are covered with a leafy green husk around the fruit which gives them a Chinese lantern type look. They are also known by the names of Mexican green tomatoes, jam berberries, and strawberry tomatoes. They are native plants of Mexico and are used in a variety of Mexican dishes. They can be used in place of tomatoes in recipes. Tomatillos can be easily grown at home from seeds. They can be grown both directly into the ground or in containers.

Things Required:

Tomatillo seeds
– Container pots
– Potting soil
– Fertilizer mix


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    Tomatillos have a long growing period. It is advisable to start them indoors in the warmth and move them outdoors latter. Get containers pots that are at least 4 inches wide. Fill them with potting soil. Sprinkle water over the soil while filling the pot. This is to moisten the soil throughout. Sow the seeds 6 to 8 weeks before the last expected frost date. Place one seed in the center of each pot. Cover the seed with soil cover.

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    The seed coat should be in contact with the soil for strong germination. Sprinkle some water over the soil in the end. Do it with all the pots. Now cover the pots with a plastic sheet. This sheet will retain the moisture and aid in germination. Place the pots in an indoor location that gets ample sunlight.

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    Do a regular check on the pots. The soil should remain moist. However, do not make it soggy by over watering. The seeds will germinate around two weeks later. Remove the plastic cover when the seeds have germinated. Let the seeds grow indoors in a sunny location like window sill.

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    When the frost has passed, take the pots outside during the day and bring them in back at nights to acclimatize them. After 4, 5 days, prepare soil locations for them in the garden by digging up ground. Fertilize the area and transplant the tomatillo plants into those soil locations. The space between each seedling should be around two feet for good growth. Water regularly for good results. You will also have to build stake support for the plants once they bear fruit.

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