How to Grow Wisteria from Seeds

Wisteria is a wine that has big clusters of purple or white blossoms and is mainly grown for decorative purposes. Just like most other wines, wisteria has a number of different types. Numerous wisteria types emit a wonderful fragrance; however the same is not true for all types. Wisteria grown from seeds can take as long as eight to ten years to mature and produce blossoms.

Things Required:

– Wisteria seeds
– Potting mix
– Flower pot
– Plastic wrap


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    Generally, wisteria seeds are hard and dry and need to be softened up before they can be planted. This can be accomplished by keeping the seeds soaked in water for about 24 hours before your intend to plant them. This is important to help the seeds germinate more easily. When you are ready to plant the seeds, remove them from water.

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    Take a flower pot and fill it with potting mix. Make sure that the mix you use does not contain any soil. Generally, perlite, moss, compost and other elements are used to make such a mix. Spray water onto the mix and then stir it in order to uniformly distribute the water. Fill more flower pots in a similar manner.

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    Make a hole in the mix in each of the flower pots with your finger. Place one wisteria seed in each of the pots. Cover the seeds in such a way that there is only a thin layer of potting mix covering the seed.

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    Humid environment is best for making the wisteria seeds to sprout. This can be achieved by covering each of the flower pots with a large enough piece of plastic wrap. Place the pots where they can receive abundant natural light but are shaded from direct sunlight. This is important because direct sunlight would heat up the pot too much and the wisteria seed will die before sprouting.

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    Check the flower pots every day and as soon as the seeds start to germinate, remove the plastic wrap. Let the wisteria grow and keep it properly watered throughout. Make sure that it gets abundant natural light.

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