How to Handle a Defiant Teenager

One of the biggest tasks that an individual faces in his/her life is that of parenting. Children do not come into this world with a set of rules to follow instead they need to be taught the difference between right or wrong. Many people ignore this fact and want their kids to be certain of what should be done and what should be avoided from the very beginning.

The learning phase of your kids continues when they reach their teenage. Most of the times it becomes even harder for parents to control their kids from certain things and if not dealt with properly, teenagers can become rebellious.

As a parent, one always fantasises our kids to be very sensible but often forget to do the hard work that is required to reap the fruit. As the kids grow up, they desire more freedom and become fond of doing anything they feel like doing.

If your teenager is a defiant one, you should not be harsh to him and try to handle him tactfully as of course there are ways to handle such teenagers. You should work on improving your relationship with the teenager as this would be the key to get rid of his bad habits. Not to mention, this will not be an easy task but one should do every possible thing to improve your kid.


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    Instead of harshly imposing the rules and regulations to be followed, you should convey these politely. Explain to him/her about the importance of these rules and teach him/her what kind of behaviour is acceptable in the society.

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    One should not be merely involved in dictating terms but also focus on spending quality time with the teenager. Try playing favourite sport with him/her and do consider watching meaningful movies with them.

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    Children adapt what they see, so be careful with that. Treat them with love and avoid arguing or fighting with your spouse in front of your children. Try to create an ideal family environment as this would have a nice impact on your kid.

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    Emphasise the need for positive behaviour and do not forget to appraise the teenager if he/she is doing good things.

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    You should also make sure that their bad behaviour does not go unpunished but there should be a line for strictness.

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    If your teenager is way out of your hands then you should counsel him/her without wasting time to avoid future troubles.

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