How to Handle Kids Crushes

Kids will be kids after all. Their emotions are at the peak during the primary stages of their lives and they are bound to get fascinated by the most pettiest of things.

Before a child reaches to his/her teenage years, he is more likely to have crushes on a cute girl in class or a teen pop star. Although, first love, first kisses and interests in the opposite gender are some things that are usually a common trait in teenager, they are also seen in preteen years.


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    Do not neglect your child when they come up to you to express their feelings about their crush. Listen to them. Show them that you are interested in what they are saying. Do not let them go over board and stop them where you think that a line should be drawn. You will have to do this very tactfully and, make them aware of the fact that they should keep their feeling in check and not go beyond a point that is unacceptable to you.

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    Give your child the appropriate amount of information. If you go on blurting out information that is more than what is actually asked for, then your child will lose track of the whole conversation. There are some things that should be saved for later. Do not say things that cannot be understood by children at such a tender age.

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    Be to the point and speak what is relevant to the topic under discussion. If you go on telling your child about the consequences of sex before marriage whereas the question under consideration was his crush, then you are diverting from the topic and the whole conversation can prove to be an utter disappointment for the kid.

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    If you are a real friend to your child then he/she is more likely to open up to a little more. That is the best thing that any parent could wish for. Do not be stern with your child in matters like these or he/she will always hide such things from you and will resort to friends for that.

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    If your child comes up to and tells you that there were kids kissing on the play ground in school, make sure that you use the right approach. Tell him/her that it is wrong to kiss somebody out of the family rather than saying that kissing is altogether a wrong practice.

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    Put yourself in their shoes and understand the situation. This way you will have more control on your kids.

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