How to Have a Successful Yard Sale

People usually have garage or yard sales to earn extra cash and to gain some space in their house. It can be organised anytime and is usually done when you are cleaning or throwing things out. If you are a little creative, you can have some fun and sell off your old stuff in the process. Having a successful yard sale is easy if you properly plan and organise using some easy to follow techniques.

Things Required:

– Price tags
– Sign boards
– Electrical outlet with extension cord
– Change and small bills


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    You should decide a date, time, place for the yard sale. Along with this you need to determine what type of yard sale you want. It can be multi-family, neighbourhood, block or single family. Remember that something which is of no use to you might be of great importance to someone else. Thus you can sell almost anything in your yard sale. However, you need to pick a date so you can find enough time to gather the items for the sale.

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    After organising, you need to advertise the yard sale. You can give an ad in the local newspaper or opt for free ways of advertising. Remember to mention big or high-traffic items when advertising. Try to focus your ads on products like baby items, books or antiques which will attract more buyers. In addition to this, you can advertise through the internet, on different blogs or even post on community bulletin boards. You should place sign boards in the area where you are having the yard sale.

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    Place items in front

    You should place big items in the front of the yard sale. Keep in mind that people crossing either in their car or simply walking-by will be attracted to the things placed in front. Hopefully this will make them stop and check out other items that you are selling in your yard sale.

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    Electrical outlet

    It is advisable for you to have an electrical outlet nearby so you can show others that your electrical items are working. Make sure if something does not work that you tell the buyer beforehand so that there is no confusion or issues later on.

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    You need to clearly mark all items at your yard sale. It is advisable to have 25-30 percent off what it costs new. Remember that people want items with low prices so do not overprice them. Also, keep in mind that bargaining and haggling will be common at a yard sale. You need to have change and small bills with you when you are having a yard sale.

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