Quick Tips to Promote Your Website

Today the best way to promote yourself is with a website. With so much happening over the Internet, creating a website with all the information you want to give is the best option. There are various resources on the Internet to create a website on your own. If you want a very professional site you can get specialized agencies or persons to do it for you. Once you have your website, the nest task is to promote it. Here again you have a number of methods at your disposal. Here are a few tips that you can use.

Traditional Methods
Traditional methods are still always the best way to promote your business. Something as simple as advertising works well. Advertise your site in local dailies, newsletters, and magazines. Display your url in classifieds. Advertise on television and radio.

Include your url on literature, cards and other stationery. Make sure the url is printed right on them.

If your website is to promote your home appliances business, then have sales offers and lead them on to your website. Have contests to promote your business and use it to promote your website.

Write articles in newspapers and newsletters about your service and provide a link to your website in them. Include a caption that says ‘for more information log on toâÂ?¦’

Write a press release.

Search Engine Optimization
Every search engine has a database of all the sites it knows. When you make a search, it looks for the requested keywords in this list of websites. Hence to get a high ranking for your website, you must keep this in mind.

The best way in this category is to get a high ranking on the most prominent search engines on the Internet. To do this you can write an appropriate page title about 5-8 words long that describes your business or purpose of your website in the best possible manner. Be careful not to include too many filler words like ‘and’, ‘the’ etc. Creating a catchy and attractive description will entice searchers to click on your link.

After you have created a satisfactory title, write a description consisting of a sentence or two. Google for instance displays only about 255 characters and hence be concise in your description. Say all you can in as few words as possible. A good description will bring more viewers to the site. Have as many keywords and phrases in your description.

Have your keywords and phrases included in your articles on the site as well. Some search engines use keyword meta tags while others like Google do not. Even headers are considered important by search engines. So it pays to have your keywords appearing there. Your keywords should also appear a couple of times in the first paragraph of your article or web page.

Make your website search engine friendly. Use HTML links to be safe as all search engines recognize these. Have links to all your pages at the bottom of each page so that the viewer does not have to go back to the home page every time to go to another page. If you cannot index your site well enough, provide a site map.

Submit your site to important directories. Links from directories help bring more traffic to your website. Another method is to have links to your website from other sites. Most search engines rank websites according to the incoming traffic.

Write articles for free newsletters and websites and provide a link to your website. Over time this technique will pay off by bringing in more and more traffic.

Then of course there is blogging. Begin a blog to promote your website. With so much of it on the Internet today, it is the best way you can reach out to other viewers.

Email and other strategies
Send out promotional emails to all you know. Join mailing lists. Yahoo has a large resource of mailing lists. Though most people may delete them as junk, it is still the best way to reach people. Have a signature in your email that includes your url.

Start an email newsletter. Make it interesting enough to attract readers by including general information apart from information about your website or business.
List your newsletter in various directories and industry listings. Have articles in your newsletter that can be republished. Allowing this provides an opportunity for your work to be read about in other places too.
Have a reciprocal links scheme where you can link to other websites as well as have your links appear in other sites. Look out for sites that provide this facility.
Another way to attract traffic is to use the pay-per-click search engines. It is the quickest way to attract viewers to your site. These are the revenue generated when ads placed near search results in the search engines are accessed. The advertiser is charges a small amount every time the ad is clicked.
The field of website promotion is reeked with scam artists. You must understand that promoting your website is an ongoing process and you must not despair. It can be an endless task and you must constantly monitor it. All this combined with a well built website for your business, good quality products and services sold at a competitive price should work well for you.

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