How to Have Fun with a Passive Person

Lively and fun-loving people attract a lot of attention and consequently have no problem becoming popular. On the other hand, there are people who are rather quiet and come off as a bit serious. They may not wear an angry expression on their face, but people generally avoid talking to them, primarily because such people do not look like they would appreciate others talking to them or only have a very boring and dull time to offer.

Appearances can be deceiving. If you are a proactive person, you should definitely interact with such passive people and have fun with them. You will be surprised to see just how fun-loving these people can be.


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    Do not let the general outlook of the passive person fool you into believing that they are of serious nature and want to be left alone. They are just as fun-loving as any other person. The want attention and love, though they are not very adept at communicating it clearly. Therefore, be friendly and playful around them. Give them attention and love, as this is exactly what they want. Your actions and attitude will help them to relax and encourage them to open up a bit. The fun will go up a notch once they muster the courage to start expressing themselves freely.

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    Try to include the passive person in conversations. You may have noticed that the passive person or people that you are dealing with are not great when it comes to talking or initiating conversations. You would find them awkwardly looking at you or moving their eyes in all directions, as if searching for something to talk about. Irrespective of how much time you allow them to take, they will remain stuck in the searching phase, which is why the responsibility for initiating a conversation and involving them in it falls on you. Though reluctant at first, passive people can be great to have a conversation with, as they may have a lot of interesting things to share with you.

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    Try to involve the passive person in activities. Even though they may not show it, a passive person enjoys having fun just as much as any other person. They just need a bit of a push, after which they go on a roll and make the activity really fun for you as well.

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    Instead of trying to change a passive person and asking them to be a bit more like you or people you like, start appreciating them for their unique traits. They may have a pretty good reason to be passive. Instead of stripping him of his confidence, boost it by showing interest in them.

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