How to Heal a Cut Fast in one Day

Cuts or bruises which are caused from a fall from even a skateboard or any other  impact can occur in any part of the body. You can see blood seeping from the bruise on that area of the skin. Cuts and bruises are black and blue. However, they fade to yellow as they are healed. In order to treat the wound, you need to act quickly so it will heal early.

Things Required:

– Ice
– A heat source such as thermal pad
– Pain relievers
– Elastic bandage
– Witch Hazel
– Arnica


  • 1

    Clean your cut

    The most important thing to do after you have a cut is to clean it. By this you will lower the chance of getting infected. You can clean the cut with antibacterial soap and water. You can also use hand sanitizer or regular soap for this purpose. Remember that alcohol cleans this and moisturisers help it heal quickly.  You can also use salt-water which may give you burning feeling.

  • 2

    Ice or cold pack

    You need to quickly apply ice or cold pack on the cut or bruise. It not only reduces swelling but also eases the pain. You need to apply ice on the cut for almost three to four times in a day. You need to place ice for almost 10 to 15 minutes on the cut.

  • 3

    Apply natural aloe-vera gel

    You can apply natural aloe vera gel twice a day in order to heal the cut quickly. By applying this, you will moisturise the cut.

  • 4

    Keep the wound from drying and prevent infection

    You need to keep the wound from drying and prevent infections from entering. You can do this by applying antiseptic ointment or apply iodine.

  • 5

    Apply bandage or band-aid

    You need to covert the cut and you can do this by applying bandage. In case you cannot find any, apply tissue first and then wipe after few hours in order to clean it.

  • 6

    Use witch-hazel

    You need to use witch-hazel twice in a day. It comes in a bottle and is easily available from local pharmacies. You can apply this by pouring it on cotton and then slightly patting it on the cut.

  • 7

    Use natural medicines

    You can consume natural medicines such as hazel and arnica. These products boost the healing process and are usually available in liquid form.

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