How to Help Prevent Blisters

Blisters can be formed due to wearing tight shoes or they can appear because of any burns or allergies. Blisters not only hurt you for a number of days, but also, they can cause serious infections, while leaving ugly scars on your skin. If the blisters appear on your skin, it will make it really difficult for you to perform your daily activities. Therefore, it is really important that you should take proper care of your feet, in order to avoid the nasty blisters to appear. For that purpose, you should avoid anything that can cause blisters to form, as prevention is the best medicine.


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    Always try to wear comfortable shoes, as uncomfortable shoes are one of the main reasons behind blisters. So, whenever you buy new shoes, make sure there is a little extra room in the toes and heels. Also, try to avoid shoes with straps. In addition to that, wearing cushioned socks will also help in preventing blisters to form.

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    If you have less comfortable shoes but are stylish, in the meantime, then you would definitely want to wear them on some occasion. If that is the case, then you should apply a small amount of Body Glide to the areas that are more prone to blisters, such as on the heels and to the first and fifth toe.

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    Take a small amount of cornstarch and apply it on your feet. Rub it gently over all the areas of your feet. Cut pieces of moleskin pieces and place them under your heels and the outer sides of your toes before you wear those uncomfortable pair of shoes. The whole process will allow your feet to avoid any rubbing caused by shoes. As a result, you will easily prevent  blisters from forming.

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    Take two tea bags and soak them in water. Apply the tea bags over the areas that are most prone to blisters. Tea is known as one of the best items to harden the skin. Therefore, if you harden your heels and toes, they will become less prone to blisters.

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    If your skin gets rubbed by anything and you find a tear or red spots on the skin, then you should put on a bandage right away. It will prevent the blister to form.

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