How to Help Prevent Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are bulging veins, usually spotted on your legs and thighs. They are symptoms of poor blood circulation  when the veins of the lower part of the body are unable to properly supply blood to the heart. It usually occurs on the legs because this part of the body is against gravity and has to work hard pumping blood back. Varicose veins can be a result of a number of reasons like increase in weight putting higher pressure on legs, pregnancy, bad posture and hormonal changes. Since these veins are unsightly and can also be painful, it is essential to prevent them in the first place.


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    Increase in weight places great pressure on your body and makes it do extra effort. If there is a huge weight on your legs, they will eventually develop varicose veins. Reduce your weight to a healthy number. It will help you prevent not only varicose veins but a lot of other health problems.

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    Regular exercise refreshes your body, improves metabolism and regulates blood flow. Make some form of light exercise as part of your daily routine even if you are pregnant. This exercise could be a simple regular walk routine or playing your favourite outdoor sports. Exercise helps blood circulation to the legs and prevents varicose veins.

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    Your posture matters a lot in applying or relieving pressure on your legs. Avoid standing for long extended periods without breaks as it strains your legs. Avoid use of high heels which keep your feet and legs tensed when you have an idea that you will have to stand for long. Use compression stockings that are good for improving circulation. While sitting, sit with a straight back and do not cross your legs. Crossed legs form a blood circulation barrier and lead to formation of varicose veins. When relaxing, elevate your feet above your heart level to reverse gravity and ease circulation.

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    Varicose veins could also be a result of hormonal changes. If you are a woman with this problem, leaving birth control pills can help you prevent the condition. Avoid using hormonal supplements in this condition. Quitting smoking can also help greatly in this regard as smoking hampers blood circulation to all parts of the body. By quitting smoking you will be doing your lungs, heart and legs a great favour.

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