How to Hide Your Tears

We come across many heart-touching events during daily life that the tears find their way to our eyes. Tears are true representation of care, true feelings, overwhelming grief and unspeakable love. “We need never be ashamed of our tears,” well said by Charles Dickens. Tears are part of human beings. They have different meaning for different people. Therefore, it is better to hide them as one can take them as a sign of weakness or can take advantage of your feelings. This simple article contains some useful methods to hide your tears tactically:


  • 1

    Do not blink your eyes

    In case if your tears are about to fall, try your best to stop blinking for few seconds. If you are not good at holding the blink of your eyes, simply proceed to a nearby vacant area.

  • 2

    Simple breathing exercise

    Another useful way to hide your tears is the simple breathing exercise. Once you are about to cry or weep, using your nose to inhale as much air as you can and hold it for 2 to 3 seconds. Now, try to gently exhale (release) the air through your mouth.

  • 3

    Find a reason to blot your eyes

    The moment you got tears on your eyes, think of some genuine reasons to bend down in order to blot your eyes. For example, if you have something in your hand like a pencil, pen, or any unbreakable equipment, simply drop it on the floor, bend down to pick it and blot your eyes with your hands, sleeves of shirt, scarf or tissue paper etc. Moreover, turn around to take out something from the back pocket of your pant or your backpack and wipe your tears.

  • 4

    Make an unadulterated excuse

    Try to come up with some genuine excuses and leave the place where you got the tears. Simply make an excuse to go to washroom and splash some fresh water on your face. Wipe your face with tissue or towel and take a deep breath.

    Note: Do not rub your eyes while splashing water on your face as they can get red.

  • 5

    Your fake smile can hide million tears

    Put your tears out of sight with a cute smile, which is the best way to pretend that you are all right. The moment you feel like weeping or crying, just think of something that makes you laugh and come up with a cute smile on your face.

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