How to Ice Fish for Bass

During winters, when everything is iced up and adventures like fishing become difficult, catching a bass is near to impossible. The reason is that this species is a warm-water fish and it remains inactive in most part of the winter. Ultimately, it decreases the metabolism of bass to a significant level and this fish does not become an opportunistic feeder.

However, some ice-fishing experts still manage to catch the bass by using various valid techniques. These techniques involve the right equipment, correct time and perfect location. By following some simple tips, anyone can ice fish for bass without any major trouble.


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    Get the ice fishing kit:

    First of all, you should get the fishing gear. It includes a fishing rod with 70 to 100 meter string, an angler, hook and live bait. Make sure that rod and line can hold weight up to 20 pounds. Experts believe that jigs or sucker minnows are the best options while ice fishing for bass. The reason is that they can survive the cold water. The additional benefit is that you won’t have to spend extra bucks to buy this live bait.

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    Locate the area:

    You will have to locate the area where there is possibility of existence of a Bass group. This fish forms large groups in winters and you must look for the place where they assemble. The best way to find an ideal place is to dig a hole in the lake and throw a stone or bait. If there is any activity then your chances of success are double. You may also use electronic fish finder for this purpose.

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    Dig the hole:

    Next thing you should do is to dig a hole for ice fishing. You must check the ice thickness before digging the hole. Ice layer must be of 4 inches otherwise there will be a danger of breakage. You will have to dig deep for bass as this fish tends to assemble in deep.

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    Appropriate time:

    Apart from location, time is also important factor in ice fishing. Your chances of getting a bass are high in the morning or late afternoon. The reason is that this specie comes out for food during these hours. Try to set your hook near sea weeds as bass looks for small fish in the weeds.

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    Hook the fish:

    Last but not least, it is the way you will hook the bass. Extend the line if it is grabbing the bait and then suddenly pull it back.

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