How to Identify and Control Bagworms

Bagworms are insects that are very harmful for trees. These worms form a bag around them and hang from trees. The bags protect them from other insects and birds on the tree.

You need to take care of your trees regularly to get rid of these insects. It is extremely important to destroy these insects in time as one female bagworm can reproduce up to 1000 worms alone.

One of the ways to control bagworms is to remove them yourself. You can remove the bag and place them in soapy water so that the worms die. Other ways may include pesticides and dinotefuran.


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    Identify and Remove the bagworms from trees

    First of all, monitor all the plants and trees and look for carrot-shaped bags on them. Bagworms grow in bags and can damage different kinds of trees.

    The bag can be easily identified as they hang from the limbs of trees and look like Christmas ornaments.

    You need to remove the bags from the trees at the right time to make sure they do not cause any damages.

    An effective way to get rid of them is to remove the bag and throw it in a bucket of soapy water so that all the worms are killed.

    Another way would be to remove and place the bags in plastic sheet and dispose them in trash.

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    Biorational pesticides

    Another effective way is to use Biorational pesticides on trees regularly even if you do not have bagworms. This spray is extremely effective as it gets rid of all the bagworms and does not affect any other insects which may have been good for the plants.

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    Another way to control the bagworms is to use dinotefuran on the soil around the trees. The soil will absorb the chemical and whenever the worms ingest the leaves at any point, they will die instantly. This is a long process but one of the most effective ones.

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