How to Identify Grooves on a Golf Club

Identifying grooves on a golf club is very important to understand how much spin you want on your golf club. It also determines the amount of grooves on a club will give you spin while hitting the ball. Many people, who do not play golf, cannot understand the importance of grooves on a golf club. To understand fully about the importance of grooves on a golf club, you should need to play the actual sport. At the same time, if you only want to know the sport, you should get information about the importance of grooves from different sources.


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    U Grooves

    Square grooves on a golf club improve the golf balls spin. While hitting the ball, you will feel U-shape grooves will enhance the spin of the ball. Many great golf players always prefer extra grooves on their golf club. It is also important that you should get information from the United States Golf Association or USGA. Some also say that U-grooved clubs provide extra advantage to the player but research has showed that only extra grooves do not provide extra advantage to a specific player but it also depends upon a player as how he uses his U grooved golf club.

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    V Grooves

    The V-Grooves are also common on a golf club. It is expected that in near future U grooved clubs will replace V grooves clubs. At United States Golf Association, it has been researched widely that V grooves golf clubs provide you extra spin while playing golf. It is expected that new research will also provoke manufacturers to create more V shape grooves which are extra efficient as well.

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    Identify grooves on a golf club

    Look carefully at the grooves on a golf club. Sometimes driver clubs also have grooves but golf clubs with grooves usually is the primary golf clubs.

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    Using magnifying glass

    By using magnifying glass will also reveal as to what types of grooves are on the golf club.

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