How to Be a Good Midfielder in Soccer

Playing as a midfielder is important when it comes to soccer and it’s because most of the game is being played in the middle of the pitch. Most of the passes which the strikers receive are being played by the midfielders and then when the opponents are attacking, the midfielders are expected to fall back. This position requires a lot of skill, stamina and strength, and if any one of these things are lacking, it will be hard for a midfielder to survive. One of the best midfielders in the history of football, Zinedine Zidane, was a skilful footballer, who had the vision to pass and the strength to tackle down any player in the world.


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    At first, you need to build your stamina. Stamina is required in order to put pressure on your opponents. If you want to become a professional midfielder, you need to run more than the opposition without getting tired. Start running on a regular basis in order to build your stamina. Moreover, you will need breathing exercises so that you don’t run out of breath while you are playing in the middle of the pitch.

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    Strength is the second most important thing needed in case you want to become a good midfielder. It doesn’t mean that you can go around pushing players the way you want to, it actually means that you can tackle the ball away from your opponents. Stealing the ball away from your opponents in the midfield is not only crucial, but also important in order to win matches. In order to dominate the midfield, you don’t only need vision for a good pass, but also the strength to tackle the ball and win it in crucial positions.

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    Speed is the third most important thing. In order to run down your opponent, you must have the speed to catch him. There are special drills for building up your speed and you need to do them throughout the year so you are the fastest person on the pitch and no one can out run you.

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    You also need to know how to dribble. At times there is no one around to pass the ball to, and in this case you have to get past the player who is charging towards you. Learn the simplest of tricks and don’t make things too complicated. A simple switch foot technique can help you get through. Master a few good skills and use them while dribbling past players.

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