How to Water-Ski a Slalom Course

Water skiers need to be more agile when attempting a slalom course because of the high speeds which can get close to 58 kph. This makes water-skiing a slalom course more difficult. However, with the right equipment backed by the proper technique and enough practice, water skiing a slalom course becomes as easy as any other course. That being said, you will need to be very patient and focused if you are to successfully water ski a slalom course.

Things Required:

– Safety Flags
– Life Vests
– Ski Boats
– Slalom Skis
– Water Ski Ropes
– Water Skis


  • 1

    Give clear instructions to the driver not to vary the speed while driving through the boat buoys in a straight line. For practising purposes, consider using a 75-foot rope at a speed of 24 to 26 mph.

  • 2

    Before entering the actual slalom course, make a wide swing towards the left side of the course.

  • 3

    Wait for the boat to pass by the first buoy and when it does, cut directly towards the buoy.

  • 4

    Upon reaching a point 15 feet from the first buoy and about 10 feet wide of the first buoy, you will need to stop accelerating. This can be accomplished by letting up on the rope just a tiny bit.

  • 5

    Well before you exit the first buoy, you will need to begin your hard cut. This technique will help you go around the buoy just as the cut is coming to an end.

  • 6

    You will now need to cut from the buoy to the wake. While you do so, keep your body as straight and as rigid as possible.

  • 7

    As soon as you begin crossing the wake, you will need to stop accelerating. Be sure to absorb the wake’s impact by slightly bending your knees.

  • 8

    Adjust the position of your arms so that they are at their full reach. While nearing the second buoy on the opposite side of the wake across which you just cut, lean forwards just a little bit. While you are entering the second turn, release the pressure exerted on your outer arm.

  • 9

    Round the buoys in the slalom course by acceleration and crossing the wake repeatedly until you have successfully rounded all six buoys.

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