How to Become a Leg Spinner

Leg-spin is considered to be one of the most difficult bowling types to master. Emergence of some high-quality leg-spinners in the 1980s and 1990s, like Abdul Qadir, Anil Kumble, Shane Warne and Mushtaq Ahmed, gave a new life to this art. Most world-class leg-spinners are naturally talented and polish their game through hard work and dedication.

However, if you can master leg-spin, you can easily secure your position in a team, given the dearth of quality leg-spinners.


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    Bowling action

    It is imperative for a leg-spinner to have a rhythmic bowling action, in order to impart maximum spin on the ball and to pitch the ball in the right area consistently. Run-up to the bowling crease is not something associated with the spinners but it becomes important for a wrist spinner. Shane Warne was an exception as he used to gently walk in his run-up; however, he had a big jump, which allowed him to put more force on the ball.

    Finger spinners are recommended to bowl with a side-on bowling action. However, a leg-spinner can excel in his field with an open-chest action as well, like Mushtaq Ahmed, the former leg-spinner from Pakistan.

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    High-arm or low-arm

    Another thing which differentiates a wrist spinner from a finger spinner is that the former is advised to bowl with a lower arm; whereas, the latter have no choice but to bowl with a high-arm action. A leg-spinner enhances his chances of spinning the ball more by bowling with a low-arm action.

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    Grip is extremely crucial for every spin bowler. A leg-spinner should hold the ball with his index finger and the middle finger, while the rest play a supporting role. While delivering the ball, you must rotate your wrist as sharply as you can.

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    Transfer of weight

    Transfer of your body weight forward at the time of delivery is one of the most important things for a leg-spinner. This will help you be more accurate and get some drift in the air, which can make your leg-spin more effective.

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    In the start of your career, you must look to focus only on leg-spin but you have to learn to bowl a googly and a flipper with the passage of time.

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