How to Play a Cut a Shot in Golf

Every sport involves technique and without it, you are never going to succeed at the highest level. Therefore, it is important to get training from a professional and practice hard before taking on an opponent.

Even if you are an amateur, you should focus on learning the basics, as that will help you become better. Just like all other sports, golf is quite a technical game and you need a lot of time to achieve perfection in it.

One of the most important shots in golf is the cut. It has got nothing to do with cricket, so don’t be confused. Playing the cut shot in golf is not that difficult, but you need to focus on a lot of things.


  • 1

    Train hard

    First of all, you need to train extremely hard in order to gain strength in your arms. Playing the cut shot requires you to have strong forearms, shoulders and wrists. Otherwise, you will be unable to throw the ball away at your desired distance.

  • 2

    Improve your stance

    Positioning yourself correctly is quite important for a golfer. If you are not balanced, you will be unable to transfer weight properly into the cut shot. Due to this, you will not get proper elevation and miss the target too.

  • 3

    Take a firm grip

    Hold the club tightly in order to get better results. If you don’t take a firm grip, you will be unable to generate maximum force. Although you may get the desired results on a few occasions by doing this, yet this will not be helpful in gaining maximum performance.

  • 4

    Swing your arms backwards

    Once you have determined how far the target is, you need to swing the arms backwards, so that you can gain momentum for the shot. Depending on the distance, move your arms either swiftly or slowly. If you need to throw the ball over a longer distance, make sure the swing is like a flash.

  • 5

    Hit the ball towards the bottom

    You are required to hit the base of the ball in order to get proper elevation. While swinging your arms, you can gain more momentum from your hips, just like a boxer does while delivering a cross punch.

  • 6

    Follow through

    After hitting the ball, don’t stop the motion of the club. You need to swing it fully in order to generate maximum power. So, never underestimate the follow through of the shot.

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