How to Set Up an Obstacle Course

Physical exercises are necessary for healthy upbringing of kids and sustaining their fitness level. However, most kids don’t like the idea to perform exercises daily and try to skip away from this tiresome task. You can go for a creative idea to encourage your kids perform fun-filled physical activities, without letting them know that they are actually performing exercises. An obstacle course can be set for your kids, providing them an exciting way of exercise and physical workout. You can establish an obstacle course by yourself and make necessary adjustments according to the ease of your children.


  • 1

    Setting Up the Course

    You need to use the household objects to set the obstacle course for your kids. The initial steps involve setting up the course and the former steps will be relating to running through it.

  • 2

    At Station 1, you have to place a skipping rope on the ground. This is the spot from where your kids have to begin the obstacle course.

  • 3

    Take four to five large size cardboard boxes and stuff them with vegetable cans, placing them upside down. These cardboard boxes will form the ‘jumping boxes’ for Station 2. You have to place these boxes with a distance of 3 feet between them. The distance between Station 1 and 2 should be at least 10 feet.

  • 4

    For Station 3, place a gymnastic mat on the ground about 15 feet away from the jumping boxes.

  • 5

    Leave another 10 feet for establishing the next obstacle on the course. Place a large sturdy table perpendicularly to the ground to make the Station 4.

  • 6

    Take a gymnastic mat and place it right across the table and then place another similar mat on the far side of the table.

  • 7

    You can place another table or a jumping box some feet away from Station 4 to make Statoin 5 on the obstacle course.

  • 8

    Place four tires or hula hoops on the ground side-by-side. This will make the Station 6.

  • 9

    At the end of the course, place another gymnastic mat to make Station 7.

  • 10

    Running the Course

    The obstacle course will beginning by skipping the rope 10 times.

  • 11

    Run to the Station 2 and start jumping the boxes simultaneously. Jump onto first box with both feet and then onto the ground in the same manner; then the second box, then the third and the fourth one.

  • 12

    Race to Station 3 and pass across the gymnastic mats by crawling.

  • 13

    Reach Station 4 and vault over the table to crash into the gymnastic mats.

  • 14

    When coming to the jumping box at Station 5, you have to jump up and down on the box with one leg at a time. Repeat this jumping 10 times before moving on to the next station.

  • 15

    Race to Station 6 and run through the hula hoops or tires, placing just one foot in each hoop and the second one in the next.

  • 16

    While reaching to the end of the course, you have to make 10 quick sit-ups to finish the task.

  • 17

    Take deep breathe afterwards and take some fruit juices about 10 minutes after completing the course.

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