How to Dress a Child for Ice Skating

Ice skating is a sport equally loved by children and adults. The feeling of sliding, dancing and gliding over ice in circles and all other geometric shapes  with other kids fascinates children a lot. It is counted among the best recreational activity and skating rinks are any adventurous child’s dream place to go.

However these wonderful little skaters need a bit of extra care while setting out with the skate shoes. With lowest temperatures at most ice rinks, you need to dress up your child accordingly. The step by step guide lists down major things you need to take care of.


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    Dress warm and wise:

    Dress the child in a turtleneck with a sweater over it. It will be less bulky then a coat. Use body fitting sweat pants instead of jeans. Jeans tend to absorb sweat and get bulky and take time to dry. They are also not very stretchable.

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    A skating dress:

    You can get a skating dress for your girl if she plans to take regular skating classes or practice. However if it is an occasional recreational activity, it might not be a very good investment,

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    Gloves are a must:

    For young skaters, gloves are as important as nearly the skates. They prevent their hands from going cold and also shield them when they collide with another skater.

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    Keep the head warm:

    Use a warm wool hat. Avoid any scarves or any covering that might obstruct the vision. Only if a skater feels warm and comfortable can he move freely.

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    Use seamless socks. Socks with seam run against the foot and cause discomfort and even blisters. Socks should also be not very thick as they can stop blood circulation in the foot area. Keep an extra pair of socks in your bag lest the skate boots do not fit or too worn out.

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    Skating outdoors:

    If the child is going to skate outdoors, do dress him up in a weatherproof jacket and use a generous amount of sunscreen and lip balm.

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    Keep the hair tied:

    For girls, make sure that the hair are tied back tightly and do not interfere while skating. This can cause serious accidents and discomfort. For boys keep short hair if doing regular skating practice.

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    Wear safety gear:

    Parents who are paranoid about child safety can dress up their children in helmets and knee/elbow/wrist pads which will help against any mishap.

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