How to Play Doubles Tennis Match

Tennis is one of the most renowned racket games, played between two players or two teams of two players each, in the world. Tennis played between two teams of two players each is called as Doubles.

Playing Doubles is not very easy, but once you have formed mutual understanding with your partner, it becomes much easier.


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    In order to start a Doubles game, two players much stand on either side of the net. One player stands in the service box while the other stands at the baseline on each team. Toss the coin to decide which team will be going to serve first.

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    Once decided, one player of that team which won the coin toss should start the game by serving. Stand behind the baseline, and serve the ball to your opponent. Your serve must land in the opposite diagonal service box from yours. However, if your services does not land in the opposite diagonal service box, it is then called a fault, and one must serve yet again. If the person does not manage to serve perfectly in the second attempt as well, then it is called a double fault, and a point is awarded to the other team.

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    Once done with service, play out the point until any of the two teams hit the ball out of the court or fails to clear the net while returning.

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    After one point is finished, switch to the left service box, while your partner, who was standing in that service box before the first point, moves to the right side of the court.

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    Continue serving until the game is finished, as only one person serves for a whole game.

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    After the game is finished, change the sides of the court. Now your opponent will serve, and both of the other team’s members will face the serve for a point each respectively.

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    It is recommended to stand right at the baseline while receiving the service and your partner stays at the net. Remember, the receiving team is not intended to switch side after every point as the service team has to do.

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