How to Improve Your Volleys

Hitting volleys is a phenomenon in which a person, more specifically a player, hits the ball when it is in the air and does not touch the ground. In the act, the ball is still air-borne and needs to be hit before it comes into contact with the ground. Volleys are a part of many games these days, with soccer and football being the most important games in which this technique has become a necessity to be mastered upon. In soccer, there are two kinds of volleys. The first type is defined as the half volley and the other kind is the full volley. A half volley is one in which the ball needs to be hit in the air when it is directed towards the player from another player or any other source. The difference between the two kinds of volleys basically is that a half volley is hit after the ball takes a bounce on the pitch and after taking that bounce the player makes contact with the ball, however, in the full volley, the person strike it before it makes contact with the ground altogether.


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    The first and foremost consideration in improving your volleys is to keep your eye on the ball solely for the entire process. In this exercise, the eye contact with the ball throughout the process will help you know the projectile of the ball that is coming your way, and in knowing so it will be easier for you to make the right sort of connection with the ball.

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    After this, another thing that you have to consider while mastering the art of hitting the volley is that you have to position yourself in a best possible manner when the volley is being hit. Your body should not be leaning backwards while hitting and should be straight. This will allow more power to be generated in the process and the volley will have a greater power and can beat the goalkeeper.

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    Now you have to make it sure that you hit the ball with your laces of the boot. This will help in making the right connection with the ball.

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    Next you have to ensure that you do not lose your balance while hitting the ball. You have to use your arms in this process to keep your balance well.

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    Finally, you have to keep your head straight while hitting the ball and imagine a strike zone. This strike zone must be 5 yards on either side of the goalkeeper and will help you with keeping your accuracy.

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