How to Hit the Knock Down Shot in Golf

On a nice sunny day, there is nothing better than playing a round of golf. It is an extremely challenging sport, testing the physical as well as mental strength of a player. If you are talented and work extremely hard to enhance your skills to become a professional golfer, you can earn in millions. Apart from skill and temperament, a golfer must have a number of different shots up his sleeves.

If you live in a place like Southern California, where heavy winds are witnessed, you must learn to play the knockdown shot as it can enhance your repertoire.


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    Practice harder

    In order to feel more confident in your execution of the knockdown shot, you should practice it in an open field or at the range. Efficient practice plays a crucial role in almost every sport as you have to take it seriously and work hard to improve one of the most important shots in the game, especially in strong winds.

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    Pay attention to the wind

    The knockdown shot can never be played with perfection until or unless you take into account the wind factor. You may look at the top of the trees to judge the direction of the wind as it will help you put the required amount of force in to the shot. The direction of the wind can be judged by plucking some grass from the ground and releasing it in the air.

    You must remember that hitting a shot against the wind requires a different technique and force as compared to hitting with it. You will need a couple of additional golf clubs in heavy winds than you normally use for the same yardage.

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    Play the ball close to the back-foot

    In order to properly execute the knockdown shot, you should hit the ball close to your back-foot. You need to choke down until the bottom of the grip of the club. Before playing the shot, your head should be down and you must take three to four practice swings to get into the right groove. The ball will hit the green before checking up quickly, if the shot has been executed properly.

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    Check Tutorials

    You can also check out some of the many different video tutorials that are available online to learn how to hit the knockdown shot in golf. Study as much as you can before actually going to golf course and trying it out yourself.

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