How to Store Electric Golf Cart in Winter

For die hard golfers, the value of a golf cart exceeds the price. There is a sentimental attachment to the cart which has been with you through all the wins and even losses. When taken good care of, golf carts can last a long time. It is a big investment and needs to be taken care of in the winter months so that it is in good condition for the next season when you will start the game again. Winterizing your golf cart demands to take care of a few basic things regarding the oil, machinery and battery. Our step by step guide has informative tips on how to store your golf cart over the winters so that when you step out in the summers with the clubs, you have a splendid machine waiting for you.


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    The most important part of maintaining a golf cart over the winter is to take care of the battery. Clean the batteries. Unplug the charger and wash the battery compartment thoroughly. Ensure that the terminal connections are secure. Check the water level in each cell and fill up with distilled water. Spray a battery neutralizer over the battery and the whole compartment. The neutralizer cleans up the battery and the compartment. Use an old paint brush to spread the neutralizer over the battery. A solution of baking soda and water can be used to rinse the battery to reduce the acidity and prevent dryness.

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    Wash the cart:

    After you are done with cleaning and maintaining the batteries of the cart, give it a thorough wash with the garden hose and soap water. Clean away the dust and grime so that they do not remain on the machine all through the winters. Wipe the vehicle dry with clean towels.

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    Storage area:

    Decide where you want to store the cart. It could be your garage if you have one or outside the house. If you are storing it outside, you will need to provide it some form of protection over head because it will be exposed to weather elements like rain, dust and bird droppings. Rain curtains can be used for this purpose. Inside the garage, there is no need of an external cover. However, you can still drape a cloth over the cart to protect form dust.

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    Tires and gear:

    Once you park the cart, check the air pressure in the tires. Fill up or release air to maintain pressure of 20 to 25 lbs. per square inch (PSI). Replace any worn out tires that leak.

    Leave the gear on neutral and switch off the cart.

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