How to Drive a Golf Ball Without Slicing

Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. It requires a lot of skill and long hours under the sun to practice and perfect it. The sport pays well and is extremely competitive. There are many aspects of the game that one must be great at in order to play it competitively.

One of the common problems that people have is that they slice the ball while they drive it towards the green. It often moves away from the fairway. This can be corrected by knowing what is wrong and how to fix it.


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    Understanding the problem is the first way to solving it. Slicing takes place when your golf club is facing towards the right side. In this case you play the ball towards the right and put clockwise movements on the ball. You need to avoid this problem and be mentally prepared to make some adjustments to your game.

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    Stay Behind the Ball

    In other words, maintain good balance and do not be falling over as you will not be able to maintain the same level of control on the swing. For right handed players, the left leg should be upright and the right leg bent and your posture straight as you swing to avoid slicing in your drive.

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    Driver to the Left

    Have the driver facing left when you go for the drive. This will put counter-clockwise rotations on the ball and help in hooking it, which is the desired option. This will keep it in the fairway and save it from going to the right too much.

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    Come from Right Side

    As you swing, bring the driver from the right side so that you do not slice the ball. With the driver facing left and coming from the right, the ball will naturally be inclined to move towards the fairway.

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    Wrist Work

    Wrist work is very important for success in the driver. At the last moment when you are about to get in contact with the ball, move your wrists a little in order to ever so slightly close the face of the driver head. You do not want to overdo this as that will push the ball in the wrong direction.

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