How to Do a No Look Pass in Basketball

Basketball is a sport with global appeal as many people love to watch and play the game. There are many tricks in basketball that can take the opposition by surprise and can help you score points.

One such move is the no look pass. If you can master this move, it will become easy for you to deceive your opponents and find opportunities to score. It is not an easy pass to make and it is important that you try it only when you are able to do it properly. Follow this simple technique to help you do a no look pass in basketball.


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    Practice Normal Passing

    The first thing to do is to practice passing and work on your basic ball handling skills. Once you have improved your basic techniques it is now time to move to more advanced methods.

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    Passing the ball in basketball is all about coordination. You need to know the way your teammates move and how quickly they can get to a spot when the ball is passed to them. Once you know their habits while looking at them, you will then know what to expect when you are not looking and passing the ball.

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    Practice the No Look Pass

    Once you are getting good at the game, you can start practicing the no look pass. Initially it will be hard to make the pass correctly as it may lack enough power or precision to get to the right player. The more you practice; it should get easier to get it right. It is not a bad idea to keep the players whom you are going to pass the ball in hindsight at the initial stages when you are learning the trick. Once you get more comfortable, you can surely pass without looking at the person you are passing to.

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    Specific Coordination

    Once you can pass the ball without looking and know how your teammates react, the next step is to develop coordination for the no look pass. You should always be aware of where your teammates are without having to see them. Once you have this coordination, you can easily pass the ball without looking.

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    Eyes to the Front

    You should always keep your eyes facing forward to ensure that the opponents are unable to guess your next move. Pass suddenly to catch them by surprise.

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