How to Run Fast With a Soccer Ball

Have you seen Cristiano Ronaldo run with a soccer ball? Isn’t he fast and uncatchable? It’s not simply knock–and-run when it comes to playing and running with the ball. You need to have a set of skills to show for as well. While there are players such as Theo Walcott and Aaron Lennon, who are extremely fast without the ball, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo show the world how running with the ball is an art itself. They dribble past defenders and it becomes difficult to catch them because they know how to run with a soccer ball in their feet.


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    First, try to learn how to dribble the ball with both feet. It’s a talent which a few players have. It gives you the opportunity to shield the ball from the players. For instance, if there is a player who is tackling you from your right, you can put the ball on your left foot and run, but if there is a player tackling you from the left side, switch the ball to your right foot. This will help you keep the possession of the ball while running.

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    Secondly, knock-and-run is an art which only a few players have. You can only do it if you think you are faster than the other player. Simply kick the ball forward and leap on it. If the other player is faster than you, he/she will simply come in between you and the ball. In order to avoid that, try to do the same to him/her. Move faster than him and take control of the ball before him.

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    In order to run fast, you must run on your toes. There are a few flat footed players who find it difficult to do this, as it gives them a back ache. For such players, there are special shoes which help them run on their toes without putting any stress on their backs.

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    At times, it is not necessary to run like you normally do. You simply need to take small jumps towards the ball while knocking it forward. This helps you outrun the other players. Be fast, but leap towards the ball rather than simply running towards it.

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    If you have the ball at your feet, try to take shorter steps. Whenever you are taking steps which are shorter than usual, you will notice that the ball will remain under control and you will be able to outrun the opponent with ease.

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