How to Kick a Long Pass in Soccer

There are not many players in the world that can play a perfect long pass. A few of those world class players include the likes of Pirlo, Xabi Alonso, Paul Scholes, etc. All these players are famous for staying in the centre of the pitch and distributing the ball wide on the wings. In order to do that, the player has to play a long ball with enough accuracy that it reaches his/her own team-mate, so the winger can play it forward. However, in case the ball lacks accuracy, then it will go out of range and the other team will get a throw-in.


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    There’s a huge difference between playing a long pass and a short pass. However, the three ways to pull it off are similar. You can either use the inner side of your foot, the outer side of your foot or a toe poke to play a long pass. You just need more power and accuracy in order to execute a long pass perfectly.

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    To play a long pass with your inner foot, you don’t have to do much. The main technique is to lift the ball in the air so it can loop over all the other players on the pitch and land on the feet of your teammates. Hit the ball with the inner side of your foot in such a way that it can go up and you can direct it towards the player who you want to pass it to.

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    A toe poke is a bit difficult to execute when it comes to playing a long pass. You need to add a controlled amount of power into your toe poke so that it doesn’t go out of bounds. This type of a pass is made when you are in a hurry and you want the ball to travel straight. Simply use your toe and poke the ball in such a way that it lifts up and travels straight to the player of your choice. Just make sure that you do not add too much power to it.

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    Another way to execute a long pass is by using your outer foot. A few players such as Quaresma are quite famous for passing the ball from their outer foot. You will need to add more power as compared to the inner foot. Simply use the outer side of your foot, add a lot of power to it and pass the ball in the direction you want it to go.

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