How to Pick Your Basketball Player Number

Basketball has become one of the most widely played games these days in the world and the trend is still sharply on the rise. People are more and more getting into the game and are taking up the prospect of getting into the game as a professional. Many people even look to adapt the game as a profession for them as it has immense fame and has a pretty good return of money also in terms of the financial terms of the contracts. Long and lucrative deals are offered to the players over the course of their signature. The game has a sharp rise in following particularly in America, and the sport is played very widely and passionately and given much more importance over the other games like soccer and rugby. With so much money involved in the game transfers of players are bound to happen from one club to the other. There are certain parameters of the transfer market as these transfers can only take place when the transfer window is open. When a player moves from one team to the other, one of the things that he definitely has in mind is that which kit number he will be wearing at his new place. These are complex things and mostly are regarded as psychological matters. Some players think that wearing a certain number will bring the best out of their game and in some cases this is even true, so the number thing has now become a certainty before a player moves or enters his playing careers. Players tend to associate these numbers with them and want them to become their identity over the course of their careers. Here we will guide the players as how to select the correct number that will serve the purpose of bringing the best out of them in their laying careers.


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    The first step is to make s shortlist of the players that you love to watch and adore.

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    Now after doing this and making the shortlist of the players that you admire, further eliminate some players by the sense of general appearance. The player’s numbers that just don’t give you the right feeling must e cropped out.

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    Next you will have to see what position in basketball you play. Then you will have to eliminate even further candidates of numbers from the list by just looking at your playing position.

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    Then you are required to make a final option from the remaining two or three numbers. You should look for a number that responds to you and you might even ask your parents, girlfriend and friends about it.

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    Finally, you are required to give an application to the team’s coach about the number that you want and making a request is more advised.

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