How to Finish a Run Block as an Offensive Lineman

Just about everyone needs to play a sport or two in order to stay in top shape and make the most out of life. Now not all sports are easy to play, but they keep you fit and in shape.

American football is a highly competitive sport and requires people to really push themselves to get the best out of it.

Playing offensive line is one of the most competitive and crucial jobs out on the pitch. Not many individuals get recognition for the way that they perform on the offensive line, but it still requires a lot of effort and dedication.

The offensive line is responsible for pushing the opponents back and getting the team going. It is not easy to do this and tends to be one of the hardest things to do on the pitch.


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    The first thing you need to know is to play till the referee blows the whistle. The primary thing that you need to focus on is to get in the right mindset in order to beat your opponents. You need to be tough both mentally and physically and you never afford to lose your mindset even for a second or two.

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    You need to remember to get your hands on the defensive linesman and him as close to you as you can, just before you go ahead and push him back. This is going to allow the runner to find some space and then run through the hole into the gap on the pitch. Once he does that, you can go ahead and push the defensive linesman back on the floor or out of the way. Once that person is down and out, you need to move along and then look for someone else to take out and to create space on the pitch for him.

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    Watch video tapes of your moves and your opponents in advance so that you know what you have been doing wrong, and what moves your opponents make. This will help you mentally adjust for the upcoming game and your opponents. You can also try and help off your team mates by taking out the person you are marking, and then helping out to take out the person they have been marking. This in turn will see them do the same and make sure everyone plays to the best of their abilities.

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