How to Set Up a Double Hole Offense in Water Polo

Water polo is a team water sport and each competing team in a match consists of six field players and one goal keeper. The team that scores the most goals is, understandably, the winner of the match. This game requires a team to throw and pass the ball, and beat the defence of another team to send the ball into the net defended by a goalie. There are several techniques used by players to score maximum goals, and double hole offense is of them. The performance of a water polo team can improve significantly if they manage to master this technique.

Thing Required:

– Water polo balls


  • 1

    First of all, you need to set two players, one on each side of the goal post, at a two-meter mark. This is called the “double hole”.

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    After both the players are set on their positions, you can position another two players on the wings, about six meters out of the goal post. Position two other players in the deep wing positions, about three meters out and near the sides of the pool. These four players form a perimeter around the double hole. They should stay far out from the double hole, enough to keep their defenders from sloughing in.

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    Control the ball on the perimeter until one of the holes is open. Give the ball to the open hole player wet. The hole player should try for a shot or draw a foul.

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    Have the player from the second hole turn inside on the defender if the hole player with the ball does not get fouled and is allowed the opportunity to shoot.

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    Instruct the hole player with the ball to pass quickly to the other hole player (if he is open and not fouled), who will immediately pass it back, hopefully setting up a quick shot on goal.

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