Learn Passing Drills for Soccer

Soccer has become one of the most widely played games across the globe. Every country is trying and making efforts in order to develop a good system that would in time help them form a good international soccer team. With the greater than ever television coverage being given to the more recognized leagues around the world, more and more young players are getting into the game. The Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga are the most active leagues all around the globe and players who are running their trades in these leagues are being heavily paid. This amazing pay scale attracts a lot of children in the game and soccer has now become a status symbol amongst children. Passing is the finest technique in the game and no team can function without a good sense of passing between them. Coordination can be boosted via good passing drills and some of the drills are explained here.


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    Three person passing combination is the most basic passing drill in the game. This is done by using three players and the players’ move of the ball to get the ball and then return the ball to their other teammates after swapping positions regularly.

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    The second drill is the circle passing overlap combination. This is also a very useful drill for the game and great coordination can be achieved if the drill is mastered by the players. In this drill, three players form a circle and while passing the ball to the fellows, the players keep rotating in the circle. This is a very good exercise for off the ball movement.

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    2 vs. 2 attacking passing drill is also one of the most widely adapted training drills in almost all the academies of football clubs across the globe. In this exercise, 2 players are facing each other and have to pass the ball to their partner at a good pace. The players are also supposed to move forward and backwards while passing the ball to the partner.

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    Next is the combination of the crossing drill. Crossing is an enhanced type of pass in which one player finds his fellow teammate with a lobbed pass, which usually comes from the wing side. In this one player takes a position on the wing side of the field while the other player is in the D area. The winger crosses the ball to his partner in a lobbed manner and the player inside the D has to make contact with the ball to direct it goal-wards.

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    The final passing drill that completes the passing category of exercises is the one touch and move passing drill. In this, players just have a single touch at their disposal and have to pass the ball to their partner immediately. This allows the team to build chemistry of passing amongst them and also enhances the quick off the ball movement.

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