How to Calculate the Correct Snowboard Size

When it comes to extreme sports the right gear is of paramount importance. While the athlete’s skill, passion and willingness to push himself to the limit and beyond are irreplaceable. The right skateboard, the right pair of in-line skates, helmet or colour of t-shirt can mean the difference between looking good on camera after nailing the trick or looking good after failing to land a trick.

However, when it comes to Snowboarding, calculating the size of the snowboard becomes extra important. The wrong size could mean a loss in speed, height and hang time; all three of which are crucial.

We would like to tell you, like so many other resources do, that the size of the Snowboard can be calculated easily, yet, at the cost of being the bearer of bad news, that is not the case. It involves complex formulas, an expert understanding of physics and at least a PhD in binary molecular physics in a time space continuum.

We have done our best to simplify this complex procedure but it is an intricate calculation with no room for any error.

Things Required:

– Scientific Calculator
– Engineering Calculator
– Two A3 sized pieces of paper (more may be required)
– Access to the internet for various resources
– A Pen or pencil
– A compass
– Two cans of Red Bull
– Some relaxing background music, this will take a while


  • 1

    The first thing you need to gather is the basic data that will go into the equation for calculating the size of the Snowboard. The basic formula is SOSB (Size of SnowBoard) = ((Weight x Height)/Gravitational Pull of the Earth) x (the speed of the Earth’s rotation/Mass x (desired) Acceleration speed + Sin79.64/Tan9.654) x Length of Snowboard – Width of Snowboard) x differentiation of the vector of the tangent of the perpendicular of the angle to the Sun.

  • 2

    Next you need to insert all the values into the formula before sending the results to CERN for evaluation. They will run a test on the particle accelerator before sending you a response in around six months revealing the correct snowboard size.

  • 3

    Take the square root of the value and divide the answer by SinCos98.12 to find the exact size of the snowboard for you.

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