Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in World

Sports bring us thrill and excitement and at the same time provide us with confidence in our abilities to achieve feats that require physical endurance. Most of the games that are played at a professional level require some kind of protection so that there are no injuries to the players.

There are some sports, however, that remain to be very dangerous regardless of the presence or absence of protective gear. There are inherent dangers that are associated with them and one must be able to brave these risks in order to be able to participate.


  • 1

    Street Lugging

    It is very thrilling but going down crazy speeds on roads is quite ridiculous and people can lose their limbs and even lives if they make the wrong calculation on a given turn.

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    Being dropped off by a helicopter at the top of a mountain in order to ski down is not exactly a risk free idea. People get lost never to be found in the unusual locations and there is no help if one is in trouble.

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  • 3

    Big Wave Surfing

    The risk of drowning can never go away when you are surfing with a big wave that can wipe off a pretty decent sized area. It is not easy to control the surfboard in these conditions.

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  • 4

    Bull Riding

    It’s a tough game and sometimes the bull can strike bad. Many bull riders have lost their lives despite being skilful and all it takes is a horn in the wrong place from the bull to kill a fighter.

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  • 5

    Bull Running

    Spaniards can’t seem to have enough of it. They do get a lot of injuries and some fatalities as well each year but for them, despite the dangers, the show must go on.

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  • 6


    Everyone loves those cheerleaders but being one is dangerous. There are always chances of a severe injury and a slight lapse in concentration from anyone can be extremely dangerous.

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  • 7

    Motorcycle Racing

    Speed is the name of the game. With no real protection except from the pads and the helmets, an accident at those high speeds can prove to be fatal.

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  • 8

    High Altitude Climbing

    Many people do it and quite a few lose their limbs in the process. There are often reports of deaths as well as the risks are plenty ranging from accidents to frost bite.

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  • 9

    Base Jumping

    The sport is banned in many countries. It is not a great idea to jump into deep ravines just with the help from a parachute. Landing can often be a lot of trouble.

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  • 10

    Cave Diving

    It is not that dangerous itself but being under the sea in territories that are unchartered can be dangerous. With an oxygen supply that is limited, the fear of unknown can make life hard.

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