How to Properly Correct an Over-the-Top Golf Swing

Playing golf is something that can prove to be rather helpful to everyone on the long run. In fact, playing golf is a great sport and a great way to relax yourself. Golf is possibly the only sport you can play once you get really old, which is why it is best to learn how to play it at a younger age.

Now, golf is a fun sport, as long as you manage to get things working in your favour. Once you start to mess things up, the sport tends to get rather annoying.

One of the major issues in golf is when you start to develop an over the top swing. This tends to cause a lot of issues, since you can’t seem to get the right contact with the ball, which causes you to get rather frustrated.

It takes some effort, but you can fix this issue with a little bit of dedication and some know how of what you are doing.


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    You want to start off by going down to the golf course and setting yourself up to take a shot at the golf ball. Go ahead and place the ball down, and then place a golf club on the right side of the ball, make sure the club is parallel to the target.

    Next you need to place an impact bag about a foot behind the ball. The bag should be to the right of the club, but it should still be touching the club as well. This bag is going to be the key to you going on and fixing your golf swing.

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    Now go on and practice moving your club, so that you get to the ball without hitting the bag. Start off with some slow swings, and then start to build your pace up. Remember not to go on and hit the ball just yet, since you need to spend a decent amount of time getting your mind used to the whole process.

    After you can swing at full pace without hitting the bag at all, then you can start making contact with the ball.

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    Go to the driving range and practice for as long as you can till you can perfect your swing, so that it never makes any contact with the bag. Once this happens, your swing issues would have been resolved.

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