Former University of South Carolina Football Star Shot Under Mysterious Circumstances

Irmo, SC, 11-4-13, according to WLTX News, former University of South Carolina running back Kenny Miles first reported being a victim of an Aggravated Assault to Richland County Sheriff Department. Somewhere during the interview the assault changed to a Robbery where thieves shot Miles to steal his school ring. A change this drastic during a police investigation is an indication of a false account. Police are trained to reconstruct crime scenes from victims’, witnesses’ and suspects’ accounts. Something about Miles story was amiss from the beginning. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott during a press conference the following day stated, “where he was shot, why he was shot, and how he was shot is unclear.” The Sheriff who was visually upset during the press conference further stated that “the investigation was a waste of police resources and man power”. Police in Richland County, SC have more crime to investigate rather than being misled by a false victim.

According to, Miles graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2012 with a degree in Criminal Justice. Miles is famous for two touchdowns in the 2011 Capital One Bowl win over Nebraska. WLTX news reported that current players and coaches express concern and send prayers to Miles. It is unclear as to what he was trying to cover up or who he was trying to protect. WLTX also reports that Sheriff Lott did not provide any definite comments as to whether Miles would be charged during the press conference on local channels.

As a local school hero, are police giving Miles a free pass? Would they give this same kind of pass to an unknown suspect? Famous victims do not have the right to call law enforcement, then refuse to continue to cooperate when they are caught in their deceptions. That is an injustice to real victims. Too often famous and influential people receive different justice than those occupying the lower class of society. When this story is proven to be untruthful, Miles should be served with a warrant for Filing a False Police Report just like anyone who lies to police and causes fear in the community.

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