How to Improve Your Cheerleading Jumps

Cheerleading is all about jumping beautifully. There are a very few people to whom this art comes naturally. For most of us, a lot of effort has to be put into this ability so that we do not look like a spread eagle when we jump. The key is to increase your flexibility and take your jump to such a level that you do not think about it while performing different tricks up in the air. Many people will recommend you a whole regime of exercise to improve jumping, but if done properly and with dedication, a person can master this art in about a month’s time.


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    Toe Touch drills

    This is the most important step towards improving your jumping ability. The key is to keep your head up, back straight, and instead of stretching out your hands towards the toes, bring them towards your hands. The toes should be pointed straight and remember it is not necessary to touch your toes. After doing this snap the legs towards the ground and ensure that you land properly on your toes, with a light bend in your knees.

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    Do a lot of push ups

    You can only jump properly when you have a strong core and the best exercise to improve that strength is to do push up. Please ensure that your body is warmed up before you start doing push ups and do a set of 20 at a one time. While doing the push ups, your back should be straight and head should not lean towards the ground.

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    Go for stretching exercises

    Stretching exercises are also very important. Make sure that you work on each part of your body. These exercises are simple, but require a lot of stamina, which will only come with time. Increase your will power, and the more you will push one day, the more it will increase your ability for the next.

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    Have a drill partner

    The exercises required to master the art of jumping are quite demanding and there will be a lot of times when you would want to quit. That can ruin all your hard work. The important thing here is to do all these drills with one or more partners. The company keeps you going, and your competitive juices start to flow.

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    Maintain a healthy diet

    Ensure that your food input is healthy and assists you in the physical routines. Avoid consuming sweets, chocolate and junk food.

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