How to Select the Perfect Soccer Shoes

Soccer is mostly played with the help of one’s feet; therefore, the selection of the perfect soccer shoes is extremely important. There are people who have flat feet, and then there are people who don’t have flat feet. Some have feet which are wide, while there are others who have slim feet. Since there are so many possibilities, you have to make sure you find the right shoe which will fit you perfectly. With several sports equipment companies available in the market, you need to see which ones are making the best shoes for you. While ADIDAS would have a certain set of shoes, Nike has other things to offer.


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    Firstly, check your foot. Get your size and see whether you are flat footed or not. Moreover, always get to know whether your foot is slim or really thick; this really matters when you are going out to shop for the perfect soccer shoes.

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    In case you have a slim foot, you can opt for a shoe which belongs to Nike or Puma. These two companies have mastered the art of making the perfect soccer shoes for slim footed people. Cristiano Ronaldo always wears a Nike. However, CTR 360 and T90 are two shoes which have been designed by Nike to aid thick footed people. Wayne Rooney wears a T90 and it has been working fine for the Englishman.

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    If you do not have a slim foot and think your weight is a little above that of an average footballer, you should straight away opt for ADIDAS. The company has done wonders for every footballer who is a little chubbier as compared to an average footballer. Lionel Messi, who looks slim and tiny, has always worn ADIDAS. This isn’t because he is slim, it’s because his weight is a little more than an average person of his height. Andres Iniesta wears a Nike CTR and this is because of his weight. Moreover, Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere also wears a CTR 360 because he is not thin.

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    If it has been confirmed that you are flat footed, then you should not opt for a particular company. Companies vary in terms of your weight and in regards to whether your foot is slim or not. Flat footed people have to be extra careful with the sole of the shoe. They have to make sure that it is comfortable enough for them. Players such as Armoghan from Iran are flat footed, and they have to run on their foot rather than their toes. If the sole is not comfortable enough, it eventually ends up hurting their back.

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