How to Do a Frontside Bluntslide on a Skateboard

Skateboarding is an extremely competitive sport in which people are always looking to perform far better than anyone else around them. One of the ways for people to do this is by going on to perform a lot of tricks on their skateboards.

One of the harder tricks to perform, involve grinding on objects, while skating over them. The frontside bluntslide/tailslide is one of the moves that people love to perform simply because of its complex nature, and how good it looks once you pull it off successfully.


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    Now before you go ahead and try to pull off the frontside bluntslide, you need to get comfortable with doing ollies. After you have perfected your ollies, start to practice doing 180 degree turns while you Ollie. This is going to be a little harder to do, but with the right amount of practice, you should be able to do it properly.

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    Once you have gone on to practice your ollies, you should go ahead and attempt to perform a frontside bluntslide.

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    You start off by setting yourself up to perform an Ollie. While doing this, travel parallel to the object you plan to slide on.

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    Now Ollie before you reach that object and turn your body in the 180 degree motion that you practiced earlier.

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    Go ahead and point the tail end of your board towards the object now. You should be looking at your tail, as it is set to land on the object that you are looking to slide on.

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    Stay on top of the tail of the board, and don’t accidently go on and slide to the middle of the board. You are going to have to apply pressure to the tail to make it slide on the object.

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    Once the board has landed on the object, with its tail making contact, start to move in a sliding motion. You might want to slide back and spread your arms a bit in order to balance yourself.

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    Apply pressure on the ball of your rear foot and push down on the other end of the board once you are done sliding. Keep the nose of the board in an upwards position, until the tail is ready to come off. Once this happens, just perform a slight jump Ollie and land back on the flat ground below you.

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