How to Catch a Ball in Rugby

Watching any sport is quite easy, but being out there in the field and performing is an entirely different thing altogether.

You have to work extremely hard in the first place otherwise you will not be considered by anyone in their team. For this, you need to be aware of the basics of the game and then do lot of practice to gain perfection. Moreover, you need both mental and physical strength in order to cope with the pressure in the field.

One of the most loved sports around the globe is rugby, which requires you to be a good catcher in order to score more points or assist your team-mates.


  • 1

    Get used to the rugby ball

    The first essential is getting used to the rugby ball, which is not a conventional one. Its shape is different to that of a cricket, baseball or football and is not the easiest one to gather. The round shaped balls used in various sports can be caught easily, as they fit in your hands quite comfortably. However, the rugby ball is oval shaped and can easily pop out of your hands, after hitting your palms.

  • 2

    Improve your judgement

    Most of the times, you will have to catch the rugby ball while you are running, which means that you need perfect judgement. Otherwise you will end up in an awkward position and will miss the ball. Therefore, practice extremely hard before taking part in any match, as that will allow you to get into the right position while getting away from the opponents.

  • 3

    Twist around

    In rugby, the players are normally running away from the ball, so they have to twist in order to collect it. You need to be flexible enough to do this in a match to help your team.

  • 4

    Stay side on

    Another important thing you need to do is keeping the harder parts of your body towards the ball. For this, you need to stay side on, so that your chest and face are away from the ball.

  • 5

    Collect the ball and run

    You can now gather the ball and start running towards your target to score.

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