How to Ride Fakie on a Snowboard

Once you become conformable riding a snowboard, you’d probably want to learn to ride fakie. This term means that you’re riding down the mountain and leading with your non-dominant foot. It can be useful to know how to ride fakie on your snowboard if you like performing fun tricks. Read on to learn more.


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    See how natural riding fakie feels to you. Many people have a tendency to control the board by using the rear foot because that's the dominant foot. If  you feel that you can switch to the other foot after some practise go ahead.

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    You will have to practice carving heel-side and toe-side individually. You may need to focus on perfecting each turn before combining them. At first, try wide turns that take you from one side of the trail to the other.

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    To start the fakie, you need to ride the uphill rail, followed by entering the frontside turn. As you turn, you can slide your backfoot downhill. This will allow you to face the uphill still after you have made the turn.

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    Steer using your feet and keep looking in the direction you are moving in. You can now enter the frontside turn once again, followed by overrotating your backfoot.

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    Bring a friend along to learn fakie with you. Alternate who rides in front and try to make comments on each other's riding. For example, if your friend's turns spin him/her around to a regular stance, he or she probably isn't putting enough weight on his/her front foot while turning.

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    Incorporate riding fakie into your general snowboarding. You may want to slow down and try riding fakie on the easier parts of  various trails.

    Spending a whole day on beginner trails probably won't be much fun for an accomplished snowboarder, but to learn something one has to sacrifice.

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