How to Execute Trick Plays in Football

NFL or National Football League is one of the most loved sports in the US and is appreciated the world over. The players take up the game in school and earn their ranks through college and then into the professional level. They practice and maintain extreme physical fitness to play.

The game has a very strong physical aspect yet there is a lot of mental strength that is needed as well. Executing the play right is one of the most integral parts of the game. Doing a trick play is challenging and requires a lot of skill and practice.


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    You must practice the play over and over again. Since the appearance will be similar to the start of a normal play, you must be both physically and mentally ready to confuse the opposition with an unexpected twist. Keep on practicing it until it becomes second nature.

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    Control Your Actions

    It is natural that whenever humans are about to do something unusual, their body language gets a bit of a change to it and you can take bigger strides or have a brighter smile on your face. Keep it in check and make sure that you do not give clues of what is to come next.

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    Be confident that you can execute it. All that practice will help and the knowledge in your head that you can do it is very important. Without confidence, you will be unable to make the most plays let alone a trick one.

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    The Right Time

    You are up by a couple of touch downs and three minutes are left while you are in the center of the field, this is certainly not the time to bring out your surprise play. Only use it in extremely desperate times. Say that it’s fourth and long and you are in the centre of the field. Time is running out to cut the deficit down and you are in a position where you can lose the match, this is the right time to pull a stunner and surprise everyone.

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    Do not make any special moves before the play. Everyone must know their part and play it well. Keep the whole affair under wraps so that the opposition isn’t sure what hit them. A subtle surprise play will be a great success once you do it and will get you back into the game.

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