How to Be Ambidextrous at Hockey

Hockey is an extremely popular sport in various countries. It requires a high level of fitness to compete at the national or international stage. In order to be a successful hockey player, you must have high speed, strong arms and legs and skill with the hockey stick. The reaction time can be extremely small in hockey and you can often be caught in an awkward situation, if you have a relatively weak hand.

This is one of the prime reasons why ambidextrous individuals have a great chance of succeeding in the sport due to the added advantage of playing efficiently with both hands. Some people are born ambidextrous; whereas, others work hard and train themselves to use both hands equally well.


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    Start hockey with the strong hand

    Once you start playing hockey, it is highly recommended that you stick to the basics only and try to enhance your skills with each training session. You should not look to experiment too much at this stage of your career.

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    Use your non-dominant hand more in practice

    Ambidextrous individuals are considered to be an asset in hockey. Once you are confident about your game and you think that you have reached a certain skill level, you can start experimenting with your game. Professional sportsmen use practice sessions efficiently and are never hesitant to come up with new ideas. In order to become ambidextrous, you should start playing more with the non-dominant hand.

    If you are a right hander, try to play as much as possible with the left hand. You can initiate by practising alone. Hold a hockey in your left hand and strike the ball towards the goal post about 50 times a day to start with. After a week or 10 days, you will realise that you are gaining strength in that arm and the accuracy of your shots is also improving.

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    Use the non-dominant hand for other activities

    Apart from hockey, you should make a conscious effort to use your non-dominant arm in your day-to-day affairs. This will naturally help you play well with both hands.

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    Work hard in the gym on the non-dominant hand

    Gym is considered to be a crucial component of a sportsman's regime. While training in the gym, you should look to focus more on the non-dominant hand. Try to strengthen your shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms and wrists.

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