How to Join a Cricket Club

Since the advent of coloured kits and white balls, cricket has slowly become one of the most popular sports of the world. Today, if you become an international cricketer, you gain immense fame and financial security. However, you have to work extremely hard to meet the demands attached with professional cricket. If you want to take up the game seriously, the first step is to join a club where you can learn and practice the game.


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    Search for different clubs in your city

    The club you join will play an extremely important role in your development as a high quality cricketer. Therefore, choosing the right place for your cricket is crucial. Once you have decided to pursue the game as a career, you should start by searching for clubs in your city.

    Before you join a club however, you need to take a number of things into account, like the club's distance from your residence, the facilities on offer, the fee structure, the coaches working there, the club's affiliation with domestic teams and any requirements or rules you will be expected to meet and follow.

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    Take advice from seniors

    If you know any cricketers playing for clubs, you can talk to them and seek their help and expertise.

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    Match practice

    As you move up in your cricketing career, you will realise that enhancing your skills and experimenting in the nets is important, but there is no substitute to match practice. If you want to become a high quality cricketer, you should look to play as many matches as possible. Some clubs have very good practice facilities but they do not have enough space for a match to be organised.

    In some scenarios, a club may have lots of talented cricketers, which would naturally mean that you won't be on every playing XI. When you choose a cricket club, you should ensure that it is not over-crowded with good players and there is room for you to play more and more matches.

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    Fill the registration form and start practicing

    Once you have made up your mind about joining a club, you will need to contact the administrator, fill the admission forms, pay the registration fee and start playing.

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