How to Keep Score in Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. However, knowing to keep the score will help you understand the game better and will let you enjoy more.


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    Main components

    There are three main components of tennis which will help you keep track of the score. These three components are: game, set and the match.

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    Game is the first component of tennis. A player should earn four points in order to win a game.

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    Point system

    Point system of the game in tennis is different. Zero point is referred as love, 1 point is tallied as 15, 2 points denoted by 30 and 3 points refer to 40. The fourth point is game.

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    Points calling system

    When calling out the score, the server’s score will be mentioned first e.g. if server has scored two points and the receiver has earned three points then whoever calls out the score, he will say 30-40. Remember that you will always mention server’s points first. When the second player is serving in the match then the announcer mentions his score first.

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    Point awarding system

    When the announcer says love-all then you start the match. A server earns point when he prevents the other player from returning the ball or when the other player makes an error.

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    Ace and double faults

    When a server smashes the ball and other player fails to reach it then it is called an ace. On the other hand, when the server hits the ball into the net twice then it is called a double fault and the receiver will be awarded a point.

    In case the ball touches net and falls on the other side then it is called ‘let.’ The server will serve the ball again whether it is first serve or a second serve.

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    If both players score three points to reach 40-40 then it is called a deuce. The person who scores two points consecutively wins the game. When a player earns the first point then the point is known as ‘Advantage’.

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    Winning a game earns a set point. The first player to win six games wins a set. Remember that this person should win six games with a difference of 2 points. If both players win six games then the set goes to a tie-breaker. The first person to bag seven points in a tie-breaker by a difference of two wins the set.

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    Winning best of three or best of five sets earn you the victory. It depends on the tournament you are playing i.e. if you are participating in men’s event at a Grand Slam then you can win a match by winning a best of five sets competition.

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