How to Become a Good Fielder in Cricket

Most people associate cricket with high-class batting, tearaway fast bowlers or magical spin bowling; however, fielding has gained immense importance since the inception of limited-overs cricket back in the 1970s. In the modern-day sport, you cannot be categorised as a good cricketer, until or unless you are a safe fielder. You can make an important contribution towards your team’s cause by enacting a splendid run out or holding on to a brilliant catch. On the contrary, you would be held responsible if you leak runs in the field or drop an important catch.


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    Enjoy fielding

    If a player considers fielding to be a burden, he/she will never be able to put heart into it. In order to improve your fielding, you need to start enjoying it. In the field, you should be anticipating the ball every time and stay ready.

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    Physical fitness and agility

    In order to become a good fielder, you must be physically very strong and flexible. A youngster should work extremely hard on his/her fitness if he/she aspires to become a professional cricketer. A high level of fitness will allow you to move swiftly in the field, while strengthening your throwing arm and legs is imperative as well.

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    Practice high & low catches

    During your practice sessions, or before the start of every match, you should practice high and low catches. In every practice session, you should take 100 low catches and 15 to 20 high catches. Consult your coaches and take tips to improve your technique.

    Catching in slips, gully, circle or at the boundary line require different practices. Make sure you practice catching under supervision so your coaches can correct you on the go.

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    Ground fielding

    Ground fielding is as important as catching. By saving runs in the field or running out a batsman, you can put the opposition under pressure.

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    Eyes on the ball

    The most crucial rule, no matter where you field, is keeping your eyes on the ball at all times. If you follow the ball from the time it is bowled, you will be in a better position to respond quickly.

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    Accurate & fast throw

    Even if you have safe hands and are a fast mover in the field, you won't do a lot of good if you do not have a strong throwing arm. Practice over-arm and under-arm throws in every practice session and try to be more and more accurate hitting the stumps.

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