How to Spin a Golf Ball Back on the Green

Playing golf is considered to be one of the most fun pastimes. However, some people go on and take it to the next level and play golf on a professional level against other golfers.

Now playing golf is no easy task. In fact, despite it looking like it’s a sport that old people play to pass time, it is very challenging and requires one to master the technique of hitting the golf ball before they can go on and do anything else.

Now golf requires you to play a whole array of shots, including the chip, the drive and so on and so forth. However, one of the most challenging shots to play in golf is the spin shot.

The spin shot sees you hit the ball in a manner, which sees it spin backwards during its flight and right after it hits the floor. This allows you to play some beautiful shots, that get you some brilliant results.


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    Before you play the ball, make sure you correct your stance. The right stance to playing a spin shot would have you play the ball a little earlier in your stance. Also your feet need to be positioned much closer together, as compared to what they would be normally.

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    When you are about to go on and make contact with the ball, make sure that you open the clubface to strike the ball. Also when taking your aim, go ahead and aim a little to the left of the target of where you want the ball to land. The spin can make the ball fly a little off target, so changing your aim is a good way to go about things.

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    When playing the shot try and put as much weight on the front foot as possible. This will allow you to transfer more force into your shot, which will make the ball spin back much faster and much further. This is what you are intending to do, so make sure you do it right.

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    When the club is swinging back, try and cock your wrists. While you are doing this, focus on the area where you want the ball to land. Also try and adjust your swing, so your first contact is with the ball and not the ground. Go ahead and uncock your wrist, only after the ball has been made contact with and it has flown away.

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