How to Purchase a New Tennis Racket

You have to select an appropriate weapon before going to a battle. It is not necessary that you have a superior weapon than your enemies but the key is to select the equipment which best suits your ability to use it perfectly. Selecting an appropriate racket for playing tennis holds the similar sort of significance. You need to purchase one true racket which helps you to enhance your game and let you play freely. You have to take account of a number of factors before purchasing a tennis racket.


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    The wooden tennis rackets have become obsolete a long time ago and all the professional players use rackets made of graphite. These fibre rackets are very light in weight as compared to conventional wooden rackets and make it very easy for the player to deliver strokes with precision. However, if you are about to buy your first tennis racket and learning how to play the sport at the moment, you can opt to buy cheaper wooden rackets instead to expensive graphite ones.

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    Go to a sports equipment shop to select the right type of racket for yourself. The sales person present there can also let you have a demo of many rackets and make it easier for you to make your choice. However, there are not many sport equipment stores which facilitate you to have a demo of rackets.

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    Tennis rackets are available in three different sizes according to their heads i.e. mid-size, mid-plus and oversize. It is better to choose an oversize racket if you are a beginner, since the wider head gives you more area of ‘sweet spots’ and let you deliver more powerful strokes. Once you get your eye set in the game and start to hit the tennis ball sweetly, you can shift to mid-plus racket. The mid-size racket is used at the professional level.

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    Weight of the racket is extremely important in the selection process. Heavier rackets improve your control over the strokes but hamper your manoeuvrability to a certain degree, which makes your movements a bit sluggish. However, it is better to choose a heavier racket (which is still comfortable in your hands) and allow you to develop control over the strokes.

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    Length of the racket also matters a lot while executing the strokes perfectly. The standard length of a tennis racket is 27 inches and even a difference of an inch can make bring a lot of inaccuracy in your game.

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    Try rackets of different lengths and weights to find out the one which truly suits your game and let you play freely.

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