How to Beat the Offside Trap in Soccer

Beating the offside trap in soccer is probably the most difficult thing for a striker. You have to make sure that you are running with the perfect pace and while the ball is played behind the defender, not even a single inch of your body should have crossed the defender. So basically, you have to outrun the defender in such a way that you are actually behind him when the ball is played and you catch the ball before him. The advantage you face in this scenario is the fact that he is facing the player who plays the ball and you are facing the side where you have to run. A few players are really good at beating the offside trap and they eventually end up scoring extraordinary goals for their respective teams. Mastering this art is difficult and players such as David Villa, Fernando Torres and Javier Hernandez are rarely seen going offside as they are not only quick, but they also know how to get around defenders during a game.


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    While playing as a striker, make sure that you hold your line whenever the ball is being played in the midfield. Always ask for the ball when you think you are not offside. How will you know that you are not offside? You will simply check whether all parts of your body are either in line with the defender or behind him. The defender faces the midfield while you are facing towards the goal, so the best way to make sure that you are in line with the defender is by keeping a check on his forehead. You should always be able to see his forehead whenever you ask for the ball. This way, you know that your eyes are behind the defender, which makes the rest of your body behind him too.

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    As soon as you are sure that you are onside, ask for the ball. Don’t scream as the referee will give you a yellow card, simply extend your arm forward. However, make sure that you run before you extend your arm. This will help you because if you are not running, that means that reaching the ball before the defender will be impossible for you.

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    Once you know that you are in line and the ball has been played, run towards the ball. If you have kept your line in check then there is no way that you are in an offside position. Reach the ball before the defender, run towards the goal and try to score.

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