How to Fly a Kite

Did you always want to fly a kite but couldn’t because you thought it was difficult? Do you think that flying a kite is just not your thing but you still want to do it? Well, these few easy steps can help you learn how to fly a kite. Kite flying helps you feel lighter and shifts your concentration from the tough tasks of the day to the lighter side of life. Many people even use kite flying as stress releasers as it involves them to the extent that they don’t think about their life problems and feel relaxed. Follow these few easy guidelines and learn how to fly a kite.


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    In order to check whether you should start flying a kite or not, you must first look into the weather report. A fine breeze would be perfect for kite flying while rain will simply not help your case. While checking the weather report simply check for moderate winds if you learning how to fly a kite. However, pros can easily fly kites in gustier winds as well. The speed of wind between 5 to 15 mph is considered to be perfect for flying kites.

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    Two things which are extremely dangerous for kite owners are power lines and trees. Therefore, make sure whenever you are planning to fly a kite, you are in a place where there are absolutely no power lines and fewer trees for your kite.

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    At first, hold the kite with both your hands.

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    Then toss the kite into the air and wait till the wind catches it. This will mostly happen when the kite is coming down so don’t be nervous when the kite does not catch the wind on its way up. Moreover, this works best in relatively stronger winds.

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    Another alternative to helping your kite fly is by running alongside it and slowly releasing the string in your hand so that it can gain height.

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    Keep releasing a bit of string and make sure that your kite is flying and is at least 50 to 100 feet in the air.

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    Always keep a keen eye on your kite. You never know when it might come crashing down. Moreover, sudden changes of wind can also cause a lot of problems. Releasing the string in your hand will help your kite move further while pulling it will help it lift.

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    If you want to bring the kite down, then slowly start winding the string around the spool.

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